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My name is Sherrie Goldstein  and I am pleased to be in my 14th year as library Media Tech @ Foothill Oak Elementary. In the library I enjoy sharing and checking out books, art, technology and realia (see definition below). When I visit your child's classroom I teach these Library Media Lessons: Digital Citizenship Common Sense Media, how to navigate Destiny Discover the library online catalog and other safe websites, Research skills including how to choose safe, age appropriate websites, Author studies, Literature and Informational text discussion,

 In my spare time I am kayaking and hiking to amazing waterfall landscapes. As my previous students know I enjoy collecting things to bring back to share under the microscope! Thanks for visiting the library website!

Library Hours 7:20am - 3:30pm Tues - Friday

7:20am - 12:51pm Monday

Parent Hours Before and after school except Monday 


Art in the Library

011.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG 016.JPG 017.JPG 018.JPG 019.JPG 516.JPG 517.JPG 518.JPG 519.JPG 520.JPG 521.JPG 522.JPG 523.JPG 524.JPG 525.JPG 526.JPG 1109.JPG 1112.JPG 1113.JPG 1114.JPG 1115.JPG 1117.JPG 1118.JPG 1119.JPG 1120.JPG 1121.JPG 1122.JPG 1123.JPG 1124.JPG 1125.JPG 1126.JPG 1127.JPG 1130.JPG 1132.JPG 1133.JPG 1134.JPG 1135.JPG 1137.JPG 1139.JPG 1140.JPG 1183.JPG 1184.JPG 1185.JPG 1190.JPG 1191.JPG 1192.JPG IMG_1276.JPG IMG_1284.JPG IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1290.JPG IMG_1291.JPG IMG_1292.JPG IMG_1293.JPG IMG_1294.JPG IMG_1295.JPG IMG_1296.JPG IMG_1297.JPG IMG_1298.JPG IMG_1299.JPG IMG_1300.JPG IMG_1301.JPG IMG_1302.JPG IMG_1976.JPG IMG_1977.JPG IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1984.JPG IMG_2025.JPG IMG_2026.JPG IMG_2027.JPG IMG_2029.JPG IMG_2031.JPG IMG_2035.JPG IMG_2036.JPG IMG_2039.JPG IMG_2041.JPG IMG_2042.JPG IMG_2043.JPG IMG_2045.JPG IMG_2046.JPG IMG_2050.JPG IMG_2054.JPG IMG_2055.JPG IMG_2062.JPG IMG_2063.JPG IMG_2066.JPG IMG_2071.JPG IMG_2072.JPG IMG_2074.JPG IMG_2075.JPG IMG_2079.JPG IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2089.JPG IMG_2095.JPG IMG_2100.JPG IMG_2101.JPG

Foothill Oak Elementary Library

In The Library

What is in the Library? IMG_2017.JPG IMG_2019.JPG IMG_2073.JPG IMG_2105.JPG IMG_2106 (1).JPG IMG_2109 (1).JPG IMG_2111 (1).JPG P1020988.JPG P1020990.JPG P1020991.JPG P1020992.JPG P1020998.JPG

Realia - as defined by the The Oxford Dictionary

Re-a-li-a Noun - Objects and materials from everyday life, especially when used as teaching aids.

The library is a miniature natural history museum where students are exposed to "real life". One of the focal points of the library is the microscope where you can view a fly's wing, a spider's leg, a leaf's vein, snake skin, a fish from the Salton Sea, Tarantula parts and much more. If the object is too big a magnifying glass may help. A Mountain Sheep spine, rocks, a horses head, birds nest with eggs and the stuffed Armadillo are among a few of the realia that adorn the library! One of the latest contributions was a shoulder blade possibly from a harbor seal found on an Atlantic Ocean beach. There was oil found on the skeleton suggesting that maybe the seal died as a result of an oil slick. And then of course maybe not. Let's find out! That is what a library is all about!

All realia donations are meant to inspire curiosity, further reading and/ or research in the library.


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